Faith Groups

Faith Group Studies for Sunday, May 12 – June 2

Faith Groups are small groups for adults that meet together each Sunday @ 10:00am for Bible Study and fellowship. Below are the various studies taking place in the Spring of 2019.

 Altar Ego:In the OT an altar was a place to sacrifice something meaningful to God. An ego is what we think we are. We all need to lay our ego on the altar before God. There are 4 areas we will be covering in this study: My Feelings of Inadequacy, My Need for Control, My Right to be Offended, and My Longing for Approval

Case for Easter (Video Driven):Explore the story surrounding the resurrection of Jesus—and how we can know that it is true.  Our focus will be on what the Gospel accounts actually say about Jesus' death and resurrection, how we can reconcile the discrepancies between the accounts, and how we can know the biblical accounts are accurate.  Our study will lead us to the inescapable conclusion that led Lee Strobel from atheism to Christianity: Jesus was the Son of God who conquered the grave.

Christian Doubt:No matter how strong our faith is, at some point we may experience doubt. But instead of being a sign of weakness, doubt can actually be something that causes us to dig deeper into our relationship with God, and can even make our faith stronger. In this study we will explore how doubt can be a healthy part of the faith experience.

Developing the Spiritual Life of Children:Passing our faith onto our children is vital. How can we help them want to know Christ? This study will discuss how to make God real to your children by teaching them how to pray, making church a positive experience, helping children make their faith their own, and using stories to make the Bible come alive.

Faith 101:If you are new to the Christian faith or are looking for a safe place to explore the basic truths that we teach here at Faith Baptist Church, this is the group for you. During our time together we will also talk about how Christians learn to live by faith. 

Stewardship Lessons from the Life of Solomon:One of the most important themes in the Bible is that of Stewardship. Stewardship is the management of what God has given us to His glory and the edification of others and ourselves. There’s much more to stewardship than what you put in the offering plate. Good stewardship is doing something constructive with what God has given you. This study will walk us through 4 key areas of stewardship from Solomon’s perspective.

The Darkest Hours - Seeking God in Desperation:This study is a revealing look into the lives of Samson, Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah and the real-life struggles they all faced: shame, grief, loneliness and fear. We are reminded that even the strongest people in life will face tough times…Sometimes, even when they are seeking God’s will.