STRIDE will kickoff January 28th @ 6:00 PM.  Click the link below to sign up. 

STRIDE groups will be gender specific (like our Discipleship Groups are) and will consist of 3-5 men or women (in other words, there are no coed groups at this time). One of the reasons for doing this is to help parents with childcare during the weekly meeting.

What will STRIDE require?

Weekly reading assignments (roughly 1-2 hours a week or 15-30 minutes a day)

Weekly meetings (for 1 to 1.5 hours), time and place to be determined by each group

How will STRIDE encourage spiritual growth? Participants…

Will be encouraged to value and utilize their time to be a disciple that studies and attends every meeting (on time).

Will be challenged to move beyond “head knowledge”.

Will be expected to bring something to the table at each week’s them questions, insights, problems, praises, etc. We will all be sitting back and “taking it all in”.