Faith Groups

2018 Spring Faith Group Studies / April 8 – May 27

Faith Groups are small groups for adults that meet together each Sunday @ 10:00am for Bible Study and Fellowship. Here are the studies that begin on Sunday, April 8th.

1 John: Go Deeper in Christ / Michael Elliott
Drilling down into what a deep life with Christ looks like.

End Time & Bible Prophecy / James Hunt & John Farmer
A study on the Rapture, the Millennium and the Final Judgement.

The Habits of a Great Leader / Bill Romine & Danny Parker
5 habits that helped Jesus focus on His mission - as the greatest leader of all time.

8 Big Questions of Faith / Joby Houghtaling
The questions that believers have pondered over the years about the Christian faith.

Ecclesiastes: The Detour Signs of Life / Larry Dean
A look at some of the deep and perplexing issues of life.

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