Music: Just one Of the many Ways To Worship

Here at Faith, our music consists of mostly contemporary and upbeat songs, although we do not neglect the hymns and psalms.

We have a full band of drums, electric guitar, keys, and even instruments such as a flute and banjo. 

We incorporate two bands as well, one in our main sanctuary, and one on Solomon's Porch which is our overflow service.

Our goal is, for us as Christ followers, to respond to God in worship by the way we live our lives. Music is just one of the awesome ways we get to do this.



We run our audio through a Behringer X32 digital board.


We have a three camera setup to livestream our sermon upstairs for our overflow service.


We run our media through the ProPresenter software on an iMac computer.


We use the Hedgehog 4 light board to control our lighting on stage.

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New Music 

"Sing unto Him a new song, play skillfully with a shout of joy!" Psalm 33:3