Week 2

This week our Focal Passage is focusing on prayer. Matthew gives us “The Lord’s Prayer” in the midst of a sermon that Jesus preaches. In Luke 11 we see that Jesus teaches His disciples this prayer because one of them saw Him praying and asked Him to “teach us to pray”.

The spiritual discipline of prayer goes hand in hand with the spiritual discipline of Bible reading (in order to hear God speak). Jesus talked to His Father (and listened) constantly. In John 12:50 Jesus said, “whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak.” This would include the sermons He preached, the lessons He taught, and the prayers He prayed.

If you and I really want to have dynamic prayer lives our prayers have to be in tune with the words and the will of God. As God speaks to you this week (via the SPACE reading) make sure your prayers and His word align. Remember: “True prayer does not seek the will of the one praying; it seeks above all—regardless of cost, time, or personal sacrifice—the will of God.”

Bible Project Video: Teach Us To Pray