So...What next?


The next step is Building a relationship with God and others. The first thing on the list after you have surrendered your life to Jesus, is to follow in BELIEVERS BAPTISM.

We believe that baptism does NOT save you. There is no saving power in the water. We believe also in a complete submersion in the water representing the death, burial, and resurrection. It is an outward display of an inward change.  

If you are interested in being baptized please go to our Meet the Team page and contact one of our staff members. 

Church attendance

To attend church regularly and plug into a Faith Group.

Become a Member

To become an active member of our church and be involved by serving.

Give Financially.

God has chosen by His grace to bless each and everyone one of us.  All we have is a gift from Him.  He commands us, as His people, to give 10% (tithe) back to Him to further His Kingdom.  We also encourage giving above the tithe to different offerings and to give to our missions ministry.