The next step is to Broaden our Relationship with God and others by...

Daily Bible study and prayer

When you have friends you need to spend time with them in order to cultivate and grow that relationship.  Right? The same is true with God.  We must spend time daily in His Word and in prayer with Him.

To Practice tithing

We are commanded to give 10% of our income back to Him. If we don't do this, the bible calls us thieves because honestly, it's all His anyway...

serve in a church ministry

We have many ministries here at Faith including greeters, ushers, music, students, kids, visitation, bus, etc. We can find a place for you to plug in and serve :)

invest in missions

We as Christians are called to "go into all the world, and preach the Gospel". Now even though most of us are not called to a foreign country those people still need Jesus. And what better way to give to the missionaries that we support so that that can happen?! Their eternities are worth it.

Serve the community

In all reality, our mission work starts right here in Artesia. We are called to love and serve people so come and help us as we continue to reach out to Artesia to love and serve people.

Lead someone to christ

We know a great truth that can save someone from an eternity in hell so why would we hide that? Our job is share the truth NOT TO SAVE. That is the Holy Spirt's job. So, let's share this amazing truth and this free gift with the people around us.